Customer Feedback

You must never stop listening to your customers or clients whichever way. This will continually keep you in business and help you stay ahead of competitions.

The reason for those phone calls asking you for score in regards to your experience so far with the organization or emails requesting you to complete a short feedback information from your bank or other places you’ve transacted business is to get information from you about how the organization is fairing with customer relationship. They want to hear from you how you rate their services and products

As an entrepreneur, remember you are in business to meet a need or needs, therefore it is very important to know if you are actually meeting the needs and fulfilling the purpose of being in business.

It is important to always find out what your customers and clients think about your products or services. This will enable you to give them the best experience haven known the areas you need to do more.

  • You must ensure your customers needs are satisfied by putting in your best to please them
  • Keep them loyal to your brand

What is customer feedback? It is the information your customers or clients provide to you about either satisfactions or dissatisfaction concerning your product(s) or services and of course their general experience with your organization.

Why is customer feedback is so important to your business?

  • Customer / client retention: If you act positively on the feedback you get from your customers / clients it helps you maintain and retain them. A satisfied customer / client will naturally come back again and again while a dissatisfied ones will ultimately check out a better alternative to you. For this reason asking them to know how they feel with your service or product will enable you know how to serve them better.

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